Development of your recruitment strategy

We work with you to clarify your recruitment goals and problem areas and develop viable solutions. Sometimes it may be necessary to implement accompanying measures in consultation with you before the start of a recruitment process in order to be able to recruit successfully.

Development of your employer and job storyline

We work with you to identify the your needs when filling a position. On the one hand we work with a job description, your requirements on the other hand also with the attractiveness of your job and your company. From our point of view, all factors are just as relevant for addressing the appropriate target audience.

We search and find candidates for you in various channels

We adapt the search strategy to the position to be filled (this concerns direct approaches as well as the use of our networks, machine-matching solutions and the inclusion of internationally active cooperation partners).

We present suitable candidates to you

We filter candidates based on their documents, assessments. We conduct video interviews, personal interviews based on the requirements of the position as well as the personal requirements and expectations of the candidates and match them to the respective positions. We create a candidate report for each candidate based on the requirements profile. In addition to the candidate history, this report contains well-founded written feedback related to the requirement profile as well as further questions/inputs for the subsequent selection steps. Throughout the entire selection process, we emphasise confidentiality, honest and timely communication with the candidates and all parties involved.

We coach you through the final selection process

We design further selection steps together with you, depending on the function (e.g. moderated structured interview, individual assessments).

We will guide you in the evaluation of alternative candidates in order to make the best possible decision, again based on the job profile. Furthermore, we are happy to obtain references in consultation with all parties involved, which can be included in the final evaluation.

We moderate the salary determination process

As a neutral partner, we support you and the candidates in the salary determination process.

We coach and accompany candidates

Throughout the entire recruiting process, we attach great importance to the highly committed support of all candidates. This also applies to the phase after a candidates joining of your company. Candidates are accompanied in their initial phase up to one year after the start date.

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Dr. Barbara Stampf